Little Pushka Our Fantastic Siberian Kitten!!

Hi Kathy, I do believe that our little Pushka has made herself at home. There is nothing that she can't find a way to explore. Are you sure that she was only 10 weeks old? This is the most athletic kitten I have ever seen. Lol. It only took a couple days to get her...

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Cats do like baths!!

Mila the Siberian Cat from Croshka loves taking baths with her owner Brittany. She played in the tub for 20 minutes until Brittany got her out.

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Hypo Allergenic Siberian Kitten with his dog buddy!

Hi Kathy, Just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying our new kitten. He is so beautiful and just the nicest little creature imaginable. Super affectionate and friendly and we all just love him to pieces. We also have a little Shih tzu named Emma and she is all...

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I absolutely love my Siberian kittens!

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love my kittens. Although I suppose they don't look like kittens anymore, as they are huge! I've always been a dog person. Had dogs my entire life and I'm deathly allergic to cats. But I took a leap of...

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Hypo-Allergenic Testimony

‎Brittany‎ to Croshka Siberian Cats & Kittens Mila has quickly became part of the family. Within days she was playing and rubbing on our dog, playing around the house like she has no care in the world, and snuggling/giving kisses like she's been with us for years. Not...

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Another Siberian Cat Allergy Testimonial

Valerie Brooks-D'Abreu My husband and son have allergies towards cats, but my husband knew that I really loved cats and wanted one. When our youngest daughter was little she asked if we could get rid of daddy so that she could have a cat; however that was not...

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