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$ 1,750.00
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Due to high demand for Siberians you must get on the wait list  Click on picture....

Croshka Siberians reserves the right to choose first to keep any kitten in a litter for themselves;
Replacement kittens are added to the list in any order Croshka sees fit.
There is a $200.00 wait list fee charged at the time you are added to the wait list.$200 non-refundable fee is required if you choose not to stay on the list. When a kitten is chosen this $200 is then applied to the price of the kitten. My kittens vary in price $1750.00 tabby markings, (calico) torbies, solid colors, smokes, silvers, Color points with the blue eyes, and black golden, $1850 for all of the bimetallic color kittens. All prices do not include any shipping charges. After the application is received I will call for a personal phone interview.  Personal check or payment through Venmo is accepted.  I have a few more litters due in August and maybe breeding one cat in September.  I am not sure at this time if you will still be offered a kitten in 2020 or it maybe early 2021.  All of this depends upon the size of the litters and what each person on the wait list wants as their choice.

All cats are not for breeding

Khan (PA) C   /

Kaufman (TX) V   /

Wyatt  V   /

Kubisiak (FL)  V   /

G Richards  V   / 2021

D Mcfall X 2 V   /

J Giornelli (GA)  V   /

T. Walsh (NC)  V   /

L. Amodei (  ) V X2  /

J. Page (VA)  V   /

E. Stewart (NC)  C   /

DePriest  (GA)    V   /

L Ward (GA)  V   /

H Larin (KY) V   /







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