Available Kittens

My kittens range in price from $1850.00 The Rare bimetallic ( Black Silver Sunshine which is both silver and gold are the $1850.00 price. These prices do not include any shipping charges. If you are not within driving distance we can refer you to a pet courier that will carry the kitten on board the airplane and meet you at the airport.

The full amount of the kitten price is required in order to have the kitten secured and and held for you until the 10-14 weeks of age.  IF A CANCELLATION IS made by the buyer 1/2 OF THE KITTEN PRICE is refunded . The MONEY IS REFUND WHEN THE KITTEN IS RESOLD, OR YOU CAN BE PLACED ON THE WAIT LIST FOR A FUTURE KITTEN WITH THE FULL AMOUNT APPLIED. If there is a loss of the kitten before the 10-14 weeks the full amount paid will be applied to your new kitten  of choice when available). TO GET ON OUR WAIT LIST FOR FUTURE KITTENS  not available yet YOU MUST CALL FOR  a PERSONAL PHONE INTERVIEW AND PAY A $300.00 fee WHICH IS NON REFUNDABLE IF YOU CANCEL).

Wonderful family pets that everyone can love, since they are Hypo-Allergenic Cats to most. Please look at my kittens and give me a call and we can talk about which Siberian kitten for sale best fits your family.  A written health guarantee is provided when kittens are picked up with a spay or neuter agreement. We do not sell any kittens with breeding rights.

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Kathy Wade
Croshka Siberians
Located in Georgia

We are GA State Licensed and USDA Licensed (when looking for a breeder always make sure they have the proper license for their State and the USDA license if required )

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Available Kittens

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