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Health is more than just eating right and exercising – it’s about cultivating the right attitude and making a commitment to feel better … to be better.

Life’s Abundance understands commitment. They pledge to provide the best possible products for their customers, to help them live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Life’s Abundance provide an array of superior quality, safe and effective products that are inspired by nature, informed by science and born of a commitment to improving the health of people, pets and the planet.

Natural cat foods chock full of wholesome ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors and no corn, wheat or corn/wheat glutens.

Life’s Abundance Products

Life Stage cat food for all life stages contains select ingredients to help your cat achieve optimum health. Life’s Abundance uses a “fast-cook” process at low temperatures to help preserve the nutritional value of each and every wholesome ingredient. And they maintain strict inventory controls to ensure the quality and safety of their foods.
Evolved from big, desert-roaming predators who acquired fluids primarily from prey, domesticated house cats still have weak thirst drives to this day. That’s why this premium canned food has added moisture content, to adequately hydrate the body and help support healthy urinary functions.
With the Life’s Abundance Healthy Start Pack for Cats, you’ll establish a solid nutritional foundation and premium care for your cat.
Every cat has unique nutritional needs which can be affected by life stage (kitten, adult or senior), differences in personality (high-strung or laid-back), living conditions (sole “child” or one of many in the household), environmental factors and activity level. Our Nutritional System unites All Life Stage Cat Food with Wellness Food Supplements in a single purpose – to provide your cat with excellent nutrition, every single day.

Litter Robot

Freedom from scooping has never been easier, thanks to the Litter-Robot—the automatic, self-cleaning litter box that really works! You can also monitor and control the Litter-Robot with the Connect app when you’re on the go.
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