Tallahassee FL is the allergy capital of the world!!! So we are all producing histamines that makes slight irritations blow up into large allergic reactions. HOWEVER, our Siberians we got from Croshka 8+ years ago do not aggravate an already allergen volatile situation!! 

Lauren Fantle

My Wife and I have extreme allergies to cats and dogs. We found out about Siberians and purchased one from Croshka 10 years ago, then another kitten 8 years ago, and now another kitten 3 months ago. We can still have a very minor reaction if we pet them and then rub our eyes. Barely noticeable! Well, worth having them enrich our lives!

Kevin Gearlds

I don’t have a cat allergy but we got our little boy from Croshka Siberian Cats & Kittens. We took him to visit a dear friend who is allergic to cats. We were there for several days. She held him and nuzzled him against her face without any allergic reaction at all. When she decided to get her mom who lives with her, a kitten, she got it from Croshka Siberian Cats & Kittens. That was 2 years ago and she hasn’t had any allergy issues.

Katie Torres

We have had our Siberians for 9 years. My daughter has grown up with them. We recently got a sphynx kitten. My daughter is allergic to the sphynx. She didn’t know she was allergic to cats because she has only been around the Siberians!
Mary Ann Pegg

My husband has very bad allergies to cats and dogs. We looked into Siberians and found Croshka, so happy that we did! We’ve had our sweet Luna girl for over 3 years now. My husband had 0 allergic reactions to her, nothing, not even a sneeze from day 1. I would like to mention that all of my nieces and nephews are allergic as well and when they come over none of them have allergic reactions either. I hope this helps!
Evan Shabak Zazay

I am allergic to cats which is why we got our Luka from Croshka about 8 years ago. I take allergy meds daily. I recently ran out of meds and went for a week without them. I have never had a problem snuggling everyday with him, even during the period without meds. Best decision ever.

Ashley Vander Wyk

I have been allergic to cats for 25 years. I had cats as a child and always wanted another one. I researched for two years and finally found Croshka Siberian cats. I was hesitant about a hypoallergenic cat. But then I saw Sasha on their website. I fell in love, took the plunge, and have had this cat for 6 years now. She sleeps next to my face and I have NO reaction. She is the best pet I have ever had! She has a wonderful disposition and loves to be cuddled. My advice is get a Siberian from Croshka! You won’t regret it!

Patricia Stack

My daughter and one of her sons have allergic asthma and my daughter has been specifically severely allergic to cats her entire life. They have 2 Siberians from Croshka. The first 2-3 months or so after getting the first kitten it seemed her asthma was a little worse and she required her inhaler more, but after that she was fine as far as her breathing. The same thing happened when they got the second kitten. She wonders if this was her body getting used to them in some way.
She still washes her hands after holding and petting them because she notices after she pets them a while, if she then touches her eyes, her eyes get really very itchy and occasionally a little swollen only in the eye she accidentally touched before washing her hands. This part has never changed. They do not sleep in her bed. She is willing to live with this because she loves them so much and the reaction she has is nothing compared to the allergic response she has to a “regular” cat.
She has 2 color points. Not sure if the color matters but she said she read somewhere once (can’t remember where) that the more traditional colors produce less of the protein or something to that effect. She’s not sure if there’s any actual truth to this though.

Linda Simpson

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