Hypo-Allergenic Siberian Testimony

Roxanne Figueroa testomony of their Siberian Cats From Croshka. “My son and I are severely allergic to cats, yet neither of us have had any reactions. We purchased 2 kittens and they have been amazing. We cuddle with them and they roam freely around our...

New Litters of Hypo-Allergenic Kittens

Spring has sprung with kittens being born at Croshka Siberians. We have several different colors of kittens available and possible colorpoints due next month. Siberians are Hypo-Allergenic to most people and a wonderful family pet.

Dr. Oz has a Siberian Cat!!

Even Dr.Oz has a Siberian Cat of his own. View the video and hear what he has to say about Allergies and the Siberian Cat. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/pets-and-allergies

Siberian kittens from Moscow Arriving

We are so excited upon getting two more Siberian kittens from Moscow,  Russia. Next Wednesday March 11, 2015 I will be picking up Nil Snejnaya Zima a Seal lynx point  male and Zalata Velikii Ohotnik a blue lynx point.  Both of these beauties will be future breeders of...