Written by kathy

December 2, 2015

terriblkwhiteterrispHi Kathy,

I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love my kittens. Although I suppose they don’t look like kittens anymore, as they are huge!

I’ve always been a dog person. Had dogs my entire life and I’m deathly allergic to cats. But I took a leap of faith this year with our Lollipop and Skillywoo. I didn’t know how it would go – either with my allergies or my dog-like disposition.

But they have completely won me over. These cats are so snuggly and affectionate. The worst damage they’ve ever done is knocking a piece of paper off the table. When I go out of town for work and come home, they haven’t done a bit of damage in my home AND they want to snuggle and purr on my lap for two days straight. They are always so happy to have me home, instead of being the stereotypical cat who holds grudges.

They truly are the sweetest things ever, and I can’t imagine life without them anymore. They play together and bring nothing but love and joy to us all. And my allergies have done great with them, so I’m able to snuggle right up into their fur whenever I want.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful cats. They’ve been a gift to us all.


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