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May 20, 2015


Luis E Ortiz from Puerto Rico

I’m an accountant so as you can imagine I have to spend long hours at my desk. I have a small office at home.
He keeps me company while I’m working either on my lap of on the chair next to me.

I’m moderately allergic to cats and so is my son. We always have Zyrtec and Benadryl in hand for the itching and sneezing. Last year we got Gaby a silver Siberian Tabby. He brought so much joy into the house its hard to describe. He’s pure energy; one second he’s sitting next to you and the next he is on top of the refrigerator.

This year he has grown to 15 pounds and matured a little bit. He is still very mischievous and he knows it. He is very vocal and opinionated. He’ll immediately let me know when he wants something. Maybe the food bowl is a little low on food and he is getting nervous, maybe he want to drink fresh water from the faucet. He leads you to where he wants you to go chirping all the way.

He follows you into the bathroom and even jumps in the shower with you but gets out as soon as you turn the water on.

When he is doing something wrong, and he knows it, like jumping to the kitchen counter, destroying a toilet paper roll or eating some plants, he answers when you call him on it. Like saying “my bad, or Okay, okay Okay”

I must say that he has trained our family very well and communicates with us incredibly well.

He is very friendly with visitors, not shy at all. He “helps” any contractor that comes into the house, from the exterminator whom he follows into every room, to the plumber or painter. I always get the same two comments, “What a beautiful cat” and “I’ve never seen a cat behave like that”, even the ones who don’t like cats. Yes there still are people like that.

Best of all we have been able to put away the allergy medication.

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