Written by kathy

May 29, 2017

Freaky Siberian has been around multiple people with severe cat allergies and they all have said they cannot believe it. People who can normally walk into a house and instantly know a cat lives there. My mom had not been able to touch a surface that a cat touched for about 40 years; she can sleep with my cat.

Our pretty girl Luna, she has been with us for about 8 months now. My husband is very allergic to cats and dogs but has had no issues with babygirl being in our home.
We have severe allergies in our family, and even though Zoya likes to curl around your neck, no one has had an allergic reaction to her.
My other Siberian. Danila, aka Mister. Most chill cat I’ve ever had. Again, no allergic reaction to him at all for my hubs.

Sweet Lily! I have many allergies but my Siberians have never caused me a problem. Plus they make us laugh every day!

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